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Wednesday, 10th June 2015 (First half points in brackets)

Buzzcocks 243 (+1) vs

Kingsley Park 260(+1) vs
Vocal 260 (+1)

Monks Park 'B 235 (+1) vs
Barn Owl 239








Summer League TrophyLeague Report Week 38

Funny end to the matches this week, with a surprise or too and we also welcomed yet more new shooters to the league.

First match was the Buzzcocks at home facing off against Monks Park 'A, the league postions were decided for both of these teams before the match but that didn't stop some good scores. Jo Glenister finished her season off with 32, vice capt Leah Long also produced a 32, as did Gary Markie for the home team. The league also welcomed back Nathan Farrell who shot a 30 after about a year away from shooting giving the home team a 245 total score. Monks 'A chasing the score, Michelle Smith popping in a 31, followed by her sister also doing the same, Gary Martin signed off the season with a 32 Monks 'A also welcomed a new shooter Jordan Adams with a 28 to leave them 239 at the end of the night.

Kingsley Park were home to the Vocal in the title decider, with high scores aplenty. Steve Shears hitting a 34, and four players hitting a 33 - Emma Shears, Alan O'Neill, MB & PB to conclude after dropped scores giving them a 260 total after drawing the half time, The Vocal also too hit some scores with Dave Grant-Innes with a 34, Steve Skears shooting twice with a pair of 34's they finished on 260 drawing the match and in doing so handing the title to kingsley park.

Monks Park'B at home for their last match, fielded new shooters with Tye Quilliam hitting a 30 and Megan Young hitting a 29, Kevin Walton hit their top score of 33 to give them a half time point and they finished on 235. Barn Owl in reply started with Richard Spink 30 followed by 30 too from season newcomer Emma Bull, also fielding a new shooter David Fowler who hit a 26 in only his second match for the team. The shock of the night belonged to young Nathan Gallant hitting his best ever score at the age of 11 - a 32 well done to him.

report by Jonathan, Webmaster

Summer League Trophy

League Report Week 31 & 32

It was been a cracking two weeks shooting for those people following this who may be, three matches and a part week of competition in the under 30 average KO.

Firstly we have to report some sad news of the passing of another shooter in the league for the former Kingsley Wanderers team, son of Brian, Alan Kinneir tragically lost his fight with cancer and passed away peacefully our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Alan was a keen golfer and a great man always welcoming and friendly at matches, he was liked by all we will not forget him as we haven't his fathe Brian.

Moving on to shooting matters now, Firstly the table toppers the Vocal visiting the Buzzcocks. The vocal started out with 33 from always reliable Dave Grant-Innes the closest score to him on their side was Steve Skears in the second half with a 32 with a cluster of 30's from the rest of the team. Buzzcocks on the other hand fired out the blocks like a cracker with TJ Long hitting a 33 to roll back the years, with a Dave Ramnarine 33 too they clinched a half time point, followed by Gary Markie 32 they stunned the Vocal into a win against the leaders 250 - 246.

Kingsley lying second must have got wind of this as they were fired up against the Barn Owl at home, PB started off hitting a 32, followed by Steve Shears and Emma shears with a pair of 34's, Kevin Hawkings and Steve Griffiths followed up these scores with a pair of 33's and with rest of the team hitting a good score they rounded out a 257 total. Barn owl struggled to match the scoring although Richard Spink hitting a 31 started them off well, before George Andrews pulled his first ever 31 out the bag they finished on 230.

The All Monks match between A and B became a bit one sided, with treble 30 for John Green, capt Helen Smith, and Steve Catling they posted a 230 total. Monks B' chasing this managed to rely on Liam Donnovan with 31 to help but ultimately the team suffered with some bad scores and finished on 205 to give the A' team the win.

report by Jonathan, Webmaster


Summer League TrophyLeague Report Week 30

Half way through the summer league and many scores have been posted so far. Current league leaders Vocal visited Barn Owl in the first of this weeks scheduled matches, After last weeks 8th 35 top score Dave Grant-Innes almost followed it up by hitting a 34, with Allan Steele on top form for a change with 34 too later in match, huge scoring wasn't just left to these two however with three other team mates hitting a 33, they were Roy Merrills, Steven Sapsford & Barry J Finch they posted a formidable target of 259.

Barn Owl in reply started with a 31 from Richard Spink, followed later with a first 30 in the campaign for the returning Paul Howard back to the team having shot many moons ago. with captain Jonathan Cobb also posting a 30 too. The League also welcome the 4th shoot for Emma Bull with a 28, and David Waite also returning to the team after an 8 month sabatical scored a 27 too leaving the overal score for the team far behind with 231.

Monks Park 'B were at home this week to Buzzcocks in the second game of the week, with some new shooters; Keith Matson with 25, Jess Matson with 24 they posted a 217 score thanks to some good shooting from Kevin Walton with a 32, and Liam Donnovan with a 30. Buzzcocks in reply, led scores with Gary Markie hitting a 34, TJ Long with a 31 and Jo Glenister with a 30 to finish 239 and take the points to consolidate third place in league at present.

Kingsley Park were at home this week trying to keep pace with the Vocal as usual, with some good shooting too, PB started them off with a 33, top score was led with Emma Shears with a 34, and a pair of 33's from Dave Poxon and Kevin Hawkings. They again posted a huge score of 258 for Monks Park 'A the visiting team. Monks Park 'A's scores were led by John Green and Gary Martin with 32's, followed with Steve Catling and Michelle Smith with 31's respectively, they finished on 239 well behind a dominant home team.

This years Brian Kinneir 30 & Under Average KO was made this past week at the monthly meeting the draw can be seen on the link on the top left.

report by Jonathan, Webmaster





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