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Wednesday, 25th May 2016
League matchs: Monks Park 'B vs Kingsley Park, Vocal vs Monks Park 'B. (Thomas a Beckett vs Buzzocks, postponed)

Monks Park'B shot at home against top team Kingsley Park first this week, Liam Donnovan starting off with a 30 against Alan O'Neill's 29, Tracy Brown hit a 29 against Steve Shears 32, with Ian Cox hitting a lowly 24 Emma Shears hit a 33 to give a huge lead for away side. Lynn Ash hit a 27 next and was outshot by Kevin Hawkings 30. Andy Matson then had a bad night shooting 24, outdone by a Dave Poxon 32 to claim the half time point for away side. Liam Donnovan provided just the right spark afterwards shooting a 34 against Tony Harrison's 27 to trim the lead, Ian Cox shot again and got a 27, but inevitably beaten with Martin Bodsworth's 30. Andy Matson hit a 31 to beat capt Peter Kirby with 29. Steve Griffiths hit 28 and Paul Barber a 31 to finish off away teams shooting as Monks Park 'B only fielded eight shooters. Final score Monks Park 'B 226 Kingsley Park 246 (w/ half time pt).

Vocal started off their match against Monks Park 'A still battling at top, Dave Grant-Innes hit a 34 against Michelle Smith's 30 to give an early lead. Barry Steele continued the lead hitting 32 against Nicola Smith's 29, Roy Merrills also extended it with a 32 against capt Helen Smith's 29. Steve Skears thought he won his match hitting a 34, but along came John Green rolling back the years with a 34 to draw. Allan Steele hit a useful 31 but was outshot with Steve Catling hitting a 32 for the away team. Dave Grant-Innes had to shoot again and hit another 34, with Ivor Catling hitting a 28 to lose. Steve Sapsford hit a 29 before being outshot by Gary Martin with a 32, Bob Smith finished things off for Vocal with a 31 beating Ivor Catling shooting again with 28. Final score Vocal 257 (w/ half time pt) Monks Park 'A 242

Wednesday, 18th May 2016
League matchs: Monks Park 'B vs Monks Park 'A, Vocal vs Buzzcocks, Kingsley Park vs Thomas A Beckett

Summer League Trophy

This weeks first match was the all Monks match, with the B team shooting as home team, new shooter Anthony Moore started the team off with a 28, but was outdone by the returning Adam Grant with a 31. Liam Donnovan followed with 28 drawing with Nicola Smith, Tracy Brown hit a 30 to outshoot Michelle Smith with 29. Lynn Ash hit a 27 losing to Helen Smith's 31, with Ian Cox hitting a 24 it was up to John Green to shoot a 28 and claim the half time point for the A' side. Andy Matson pulled the scores back with a 30 against Steve Catling's 29, Lynn Ash shot again and repeated her 27 score again, Ivor Catling with a 28 pulled the scores back for A' side, with Ian Cox shooting a below par 26 to finish Gary Martin pulled in a 30 and claim the win for A' side. Final score Monks Park 'B 220 Monks Park 'A 234 (w/ half time pt).

Vocal played home to Buzzcocks as they looked to keep the pressure up on the top two Kingsley & Thomas A Beckett. Dave Grant-Innes hit a 33 to start the ball rolling against Jo Glenisters 30, Barry Steele then had a tussle with Duane Hendron both hitting an amazing 34 each. Roy Merrills followed this up with a 32 against Leah Long's 30 to give a lead, Steve Skears increased the lead by hitting the same score, 32 against Dave Ramnarine's 31. With Allan Steele hitting a 34 and TJ Long hitting a 31, Allan secured the half time point for the home team. Roy Merrills shot again and bettered his first score with a 33, and drew with Paul Key, Steve Sapsford hit a 32 and beat Jason Walker's 31, Capt Bob Smith hit a 31 to finish off a good shoot against Dave Ramnarine's 30. Final score Vocal 261 (w/ half time pt) Buzzcocks 250.

Fireworks were aplenty in the top two face off between home team Kingsley Park and Thomas A Beckett. Paul Barber kicked off the night with a good 31 but lost out to Charlie Giles with 32 for Beckett to take early lead. However this didn't last Steve Shears went on to crack in a top score of 35, but although he lost thirteen year old Nathan Gallant shot a best ever score of 34 to lose by 1. Emma
Shears not wanting to be outdone by her husband also cracked in a 35, Ryan Gallant shot a 32 against her to keep the lead at three for the home team. Kevin Hawkings hit a 34 before Colin Waite hit his first ever 35 to everybody's amazement to trim the lead to 2. Dave Poxon responded shooting for home side by also hitting a 35 against Thomas A Beckett's capt Jonathan Cobb with 31 to give the first half to home team. Alan O'Neill hit a 32 to start off second half, against George Andrews 29, Martin Bodsworth hit a 31 against Carl Glaisters 29 to keep the lead. Capt Peter Kirby wrapped up the match by hitting 31 against new shooter Rob Thomas's 24. The scores were kept close in the last two matches with Tony Harrison hitting a 30 and Richard Spink pulling back scores with 33, and then Steve Griffiths hitting a 32 losing by 1 to Jason Silman with his first ever 33 for away side. The match gave 4 top scores and the highest scoring half time by both teams in match so far this season. Final score Kingsley 265 (w/half time pt), Thomas A Beckett 259.

Wednesday, 11th May 2016
Kinneir Under 30 Average K.O - Finals night, competition standings here...take a look.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016
Re-arranged league match: Buzzcocks vs Thomas A Beckett

Summer League Trophy

This weeks re-arranged match between Buzzcocks & Thomas A Beckett kicked off on the 'spare' week created by the Kinnier under 30 K.O only scheduled to run for two weeks instead of the allocated three.

Both teams had a v good shoot with some good scores being put in by both teams. TJ Long started off the match with a 32 for the home side, outdone by Richard Spink with a 33, Jason Silman hit a 29 and was outshot by Jo Glenister Capt of Buzzcocks with a score of 30, Ryan Gallant hit a season best 34 against Dave Ramnarine's 31 to turn the match in the first half for the away side. Charlie Giles then hit a 31 to outscore Leah Long, Becky Gallant finished the half off with a 32 all draw with Teresa Key to hand the half time point to Thomas A Beckett.

With all shooters virtually hitting 30 as a score the match was high scoring overall, George Andrews suprised himself and everyone with a 31 against Cody Walker's 30, and with capt Jonathan Cobb hitting a 33 for the away side against Paul Key's 30 the match seemed to be heading their way. Gary Markie recovered some points scoring by hitting 33 against Colin Waite's 31. Gary Gallant hit a 27 shooting nineth for the away side and well done to new league Shooter Rob Thomas for the away side hitting a opening 30 in his first match in the closing stages for Thomas A Beckett as they had ten shooters and Buzzcocks fielded only eight. Final score Buzzcocks 248 Thomas A Beckett 255 (w/ half time pt).



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Monks 'A vs Kingsley Park
Thomas A Beckett vs Vocal
Buzzcocks vs Monks Park 'B

Re-arranged match Vocal vs Thomas A Beckett
15thJune J W Smith Clubs Handicap K.O 1st Round @ Monks Park WMC



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