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Wednesday, 3rd September 2014 (First half points in brackets)

Vocal 247(+1)vs
Monks Park 'B

Buzzcocks 244 vs
Kingsley Park 253 (+1)


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Summer League TrophyLeague Report Week 1

Welcome to a new season in the Northampton & District Air Rifle League, with the matches kicking off a new start for all teams, a new venue in the league with the Fragglecocks now @ home in Cogenhoe.

The first match on schedule this week was Vocal defending their title won last year at home to Monks Park 'B. The Vocal missing a couple of starters were back in the groove with a 34 from Roy Merrills, followed by some solid shooting and a 33 from Steve Skears they posted a first match 247 to beat. Visiting Monks' B fielding eight shooters were led scores wise with Liam Donnovan with a 32 following on from a good season last year. With Ian Cox suprising everybody with a 30 and Kevin Walton too. Ashley Rutter in her first full season acheived a 25 to help the team to a 226 scoreline and defeat.

Buzzcocks now at home at cock as the only team, faced off against last years runners up Kingsley Park. hitting a 31 capt Jo Glenister led the half time scores in the team, with Paul Key finding form in the second half with a 33, and Gary Markie with a usual 34 to start the season off they gave a 244 scoreline in the end to beat. Kingsley showed a strong first half with Steve Shears hitting a 33, Emma Shears 32, and Dave Poxon with another 33 to give them a lead. The victory was finished off with PB with 33 at the end and the points with 253 scoreline.

Monks Park 'A match with Cogenhoe was postponed this week.

report by Jonathan, Chairman & Webmaster

Summer League TrophyLeague Report Week 38

The last week of the season brought a close on this seasons summer league with the remaining games;

Firstly the rearranged match between Monks Park 'B and Fragglecocks, Monks Park'B limbered to second half with Lizzie Gardner providing the only highlight with 30, added to that by Kevin Walton with 30 & Tracy Donnovan with 30 they closed out at 226, Fragglecocks in reply with Charlie Giles & Richard Spink 31's and Jonathan Cobb with 34 they posted 236 to take game.

The Vocal hosted their last game against Monks Park 'B in style, with Dave Grant-Innes finishing the season with 7th league 35, with experienced Barry Steele, Roy Merrills & Steve Sapsford hitting 32's and an Allan Steele 34 they posted 253. Monks 'B shooting to save face with a 20th loss of season on cards, had capt Tracy Donnovan hitting 31 to help the team, with Lizzie Gardner hitting 30 with Kevin Walton they finished the season on respectable 230 but bottom of league, and the Vocal gaining the title with an unassailable lead.

Fragglecocks last match at home to Kingsley was fought well with Charlie Giles & Richard Spink with 30's and capt Jonathan Cobb with 31 they finished the season on 238, Steve & Emma Shears in reply for Kingsley Park hitting 34's and a Steve Griffiths 33 they ended on 249 and second in the league.

report by Jonathan, Chairman & Webmaster

Summer League TrophyLeague Report Week 36 & 37

With the end of the season in sight the ninth round of league matches started this week.

Kingsley Park, still chasing dreams of a Vocal slip up harboured chances of a title entertained Monks Park 'A. With Steve & Emma Shears hitting a first half pair of 33's and Kevin Hawkings leading off with 32 Kingsley shot a 249. Monks A tried to fight back with John Green 31, Steve Catling & his dad Ivor Catling with 31's they topped out on 232 with only eight shooters to give Kingsley the points.

Monks Park 'B played at home to Buzzcocks who were making a strong finish to the season, the ever dependable Liam Donnovan started them off with a useful 32, followed by Lizzie Gardner with 31, and ended with Kevin Walton 30 they finished on 226 with a new shooter AR hitting a 26 in her first game for the team. Buzzcocks fielding only eight shooters fought well with vice captain Leah Long hitting 31 to snatch the first half point, with Paul Key and Gary Markie hitting a pair of 33's at the end to condem Monks Park 'B to a 18th straight loss.

Fragglecocks with and eye on third in league hosted the Vocal still marching on at the title at expense of Kingsley Park, with Charlie Giles hitting a 32 to lead off, and Richard Spink hitting one too, and capt Jonathan Cobb putting on the board the Fraggles hit a league season high of 245 to beat, Vocal in reply Dave Grant-Innes hitting a 34 to start, followed by Barry Finch with 33, and Steve Skears with a second half 33 helped the team take the points and assume top spot in league for now.

Week 37 brought the Buzzcocks last match of season playing away to Monks Park 'A in their last match of season, Monks 'A brought their season to close with experienced John Green, Fred Love & Steve Catling all hitting 31's, and a Gary Martin 32 to leave them on 238, in reply Buzzcocks also chasing third had three 31's of their own from Dave Ramnarine, Craig Markie, Jo Glenister all hitting the score, also with Paul Key hitting a 32 to help them win and score 243 to finish the season third.

report by Jonathan, Chairman & Webmaster




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